Sunday, March 15, 2009

MARCH 15, 2009 - ATKINS - TAKE 1

I thought I would give you a little background on how I got involved with the low carb lifestyle. In the year 2000, all I had heard about Atkins was it was some horrible fad diet that was killing people. Then my dear friend, who was substantially overweight, went on it and lost about 30 pounds really fast.

When she told me what she was doing, I actually said, "Really?! Well, I hope you don't die!" She took that crack pretty well, and calmly told me that I should read the book before I passed judgment.

She was right - all I knew about Atkins were the rumors I had heard about eating pounds of bacon, dozens of eggs and slabs of cheese and butter. Everyone who goes on Atkins has a heart attack, right?

So I read the book. No, I inhaled the book, in one sitting, and I was totally convicted by what I read. By the end of the day, I was asking my husband if he would mind trying a new diet. "You'll like this one," I told him. "All you have to do is eat as much meat, eggs and cheese as you want!" He had 35 pounds to lose and I had 25.

In my haste to absorb the main points of Atkins, I somehow missed a few important things, like that you are supposed to eat veggies. Well, in my defense, he did give an example in the book about a man who could only lose weight and then maintain that weight when he ate zero carb.

We started the next day and ate nothing but meat, fish, fowl, eggs and cheese, all in unlimited quantities. I knew that we were also supposed to eat a small salad and a cup of cooked vegetables each day, but I was afraid to do that part, because my friend didn't do that, and I wanted her success.

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