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On my computer, dated August 31, 2000, is my menu for my first day of Atkins (this was before net carbs - I was just counting carbs):

3 slices bacon (0 carbs)
1 oz. cheese (0 carbs)

1/2 cup cooked chicken breast (0)
4 green olives (0)
2 slices bacon (0)
1/4 cup celery (2.1)
2 Tbs. mayo (0)
2 slices deli ham (0)

2 hamburger patties (0)
1 oz. cheese (0)
a few bites of vegetables (5.5)
a few bites of pork steak (0)
2 slices American cheese (2)
1 piece low carb chocolate (3)

Total Carbs for the Day - 12.6

Yay! I'm doing Atkins! But wait... I GAINED 2 POUNDS?!

This basic diet went on for 9 days. By then, with going up and down with weight, I was 1.5 pounds heavier than when I started! What was I doing wrong? I was eating less and less every day, trying to get it to work! I was already down to 1000 calories per day, which, when you are eating nothing but protein and fat, is really only a few bites of food each day. Something had to change! I went back to the book, and decided to change what I was eating.

Here is my menu for September 9, 2000:

Breakfast - 2 oz. cream cheese (0)
Lunch - 2 oz. cream cheese (0)
Snack - 2 oz. cream cheese (0)
Dinner - 2 oz. cream cheese (0)
Snack - 2 oz. cream cheese (0)

Weight loss for the day - 2 pounds! Now, I thought, I'm on to something!

I kept this up for 4 total days and lost 5.5 pounds!

The next day, I incorporated a steak into my cream cheese diet, and immediately gained 1/2 pound.

Back to the cream cheese! Another day of cream cheese, and I lost the 1/2 pound again. Whew! That was a close one!

So the next day I tried having an Atkins Advantage Bar and a few macadamia nuts with my cream cheese. I gained another pound!

I guess you can see where this is headed.

I continued to cut calories and carbs, until, at the end of 20 days, I was 5.5 pounds lighter, eating 1000 calories per day, 5-10 total carbs per day ( not net carbs!) and I was starving and miserable!

I even called the Atkins Center, where they put a $75 charge on my credit card and told me I needed to cut out all carbs, and eat nothing but protein and fat. And that if, when I tried to add carbs back in later, I started to gain weight, I should spend the rest of my life eating no carbs.

Would anybody be surprised to know that I quit on Day 21?

In the meantime, my husband was eating all the meat, cheese, fat, and eggs he could stuff in his mouth! Within a few months, he had lost 35 pounds.

As time went on, it didn't seem to be working for him anymore. I accused him of cheating. He denied it. He got off of Atkins and started eating a "regular" American diet again with me and gained back all the weight.

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