Friday, July 1, 2016


Today is the end of Week 26.

In the past week I have:
Lost 4.4 pounds
Lost 0" around my neck
Lost 3/4" around my waist
Lost 3/8" around my hips
Body fat from 32.2% to 30.8%
Lean mass from 67.8% to 69.2%
Feasted 4 days and fasted 3 days
Lifted weights 1 time
Did treadmill HIIT 1 time
Walked 3 miles 2 times

Since January 1, 2016, I have:

Lost 18.8 pounds
Lost 5/8" around my neck
Lost  4 1/8" around my waist
Lost 3 3/4" around my hips
Body fat from 39% to 30.8%
Lean mass from 61% to 69.2%
Feasted 117 days and fasted 66 days
Lifted weights 11 times
Did treadmill HIIT 15 times
Walked 3 miles 8 times


Each day, I lower my goal weight by 0.2 pounds until I reach my goal of 130 pounds.

I weigh in each morning on the bathroom scale.  If my weight is at or below my goal for the day, I feast.  For me, that means a ketogenic diet - high fat, moderate protein and very low carb.  If my weight is above my goal for the day, I fast.  For me, that means that all I will have that day is water, coffee, or tea, all without caloric sweeteners or fat.  

I'm posting every week to motivate myself not to give up, and if I think that anyone is looking at this, it will help to keep me accountable.


In the past three days, my weight has stayed stable even though I have been feasting.  Today is three feasts in a row!  I keep waiting for the customary bounce up, but it hasn't happened yet.  It would be great if this trend continued!


I made a few charts to track my progress.  On the first two charts, the grey line is my long term goal. The blue line is my actual weight.  The red line is my 7-day average.   I am showing two charts so I can see my progress since the beginning of the year, and also to get a close-up from the time I started again after my husband's heart attack in May 2016.

The third chart is a little heat map to show at a glance how often I have actually had to fast to achieve the results I am after. Click on any chart to enlarge it.

Below is my chart for the Body By Science "Big Five".  It shows the exercises I am doing, along with the weight, reps and TUL, which stands for Time Under Load.

This is my chart for treadmill HIIT, which shows that I am now up to 7.2 mph during the running portion.  I am going to keep pushing that up by 0.1 mph each time to see how fast I can go.  I will stop increasing the speed when I go flying off the treadmill!

This is my chart for walking:

There are five weeks remaining for this new challenge.  If I achieve my goal of 130 pounds with 25% body fat, I'm not sure where I will go from there.

This is a personal challenge just for me, but if anyone reading would like to join me, please talk to your doctor and make sure that it will not conflict with your current medical condition or medications.  If you are taking the challenge, please be sure to let me know how you are doing!  Thanks for reading!

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