Friday, March 22, 2013


As you can tell by the months and months between this post and the last one, I have not posted for awhile.  I thought I would come on and post a quick update, in case anyone is interested.

I've been off the wagon just a bit in the past four months.  Nothing serious, but not being as careful as I should.  I have put on a few pounds, so I decided to go back to tracking again just to get, well, back on track.  For the past two days, I have been eating like this:

1555 calories
135g fat
57g protein
28g carbs

That's around 78% fat, in case that matters to anyone and they don't want to do the math.

In the past two days, I have lost 2 pounds.  The lowest I had gotten in 2012 was 136.4, I think.  It was hard to stay there, and I finally decided that if I could stay below 140 and maintain there, I would be doing well.  And I did for awhile, and then I went on vacation.  I gained eight pounds, and most of that in the last 2 days of the 13 day trip.

Most of the trip, I stayed true to my low carb lifestyle, and the last two days, I said heck with it and ate badly.  I gain weight really fast when I eat badly.  Obviously.

So now I am back to 143 pounds and working to get back below 140 again.  I have not taken my measurements.  I'll probably do that on Sunday.

That's all for now.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for the update! I periodically check to see if you have recently written anything. I love the Fat Fast book.

  2. Vacations are my undoing also...I find that after eating alot of carbs that it takes alot of willpower to quit. Oh well, thanks for checking in. Love the Fat Fast book.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, kg! It does take willpower, but weighing in and especially taking my body measurements this morning have truly inspired me!

  3. Hi, Becca! I check in occasionally to see how you're doing. Hope all is well with you. I gained 10# doing two Whole30 challenges last Fall. I don't think honey, fruit or dates and I mix too well. Then I gained 3# more over the holidays. Glad to know I'm not struggling alone. I'm trying a clean Induction before that 13# gets any worse. Still cooking; still enjoying experimenting with new LC ingredients. Will check back occasionally to see how you're doing.

  4. So glad to hear from you, Peggy! Isn't gaining weight a bugger? One week ago, I was 138 pounds, only 2 pounds over my goal weight, then went to my sister's house and gained 4 pounds in 3 days. grrr.

    I know that I cannot eat fruit at all without gaining weight.

    All the best to you for getting those extra pounds back off.