Sunday, November 11, 2012


On July 9, 2012, I started eating in such a way as to be fueled by Nutritional Ketosis.  If you are new here and do not know what that means, look at the links at the bottom of this post to read more about it in detail.  The short version is this:  I am eating very high fat, moderate protein and very low carb.  For the first several weeks, I was testing my blood ketone levels with a hand held monitor.  I have stopped doing this because the strips are very expensive and I know that I am in the "zone" that I want to be.  Because I have not changed the way I am eating, and I continue to lose body fat, it is reasonable to assume that I am still in Nutritional Ketosis.  If I start to gain body fat or change the way I am eating, I will do more testing.

In the past month, I have gotten back into nutritional ketosis.  I know this because I started losing weight again and my appetite went back down.  I have been fat fasting during the day and eating a regular high fat, moderate protein, very low carb dinner.

In the past month, I have eaten a few things that I should not have, but only a very small amount.  Being as close as I am to goal has given me "permission" to cheat a little, but I keep it under control.

My blood glucose is still in a healthy range and I test it once per week.

I have stuck to my resolve to stop the daily weighings and measurings.  Although I step on the scale occasionally during the week, I do not record what I weigh.  On Sunday, I do an official weigh-in and take my full body measurements.

Here are my charts.  Body size is doing well, and last week I hit a new low weight of 136.4, which is less than a half of a pound away from my goal.

In summary, in the past 4 months:
I lost 1/4" around my neck
I lost 3/4" around my bicep
I lost 1" around my bust (a new low)
I lost 2-1/4" around my waist
I lost 1-7/8" around my navel (a new low)
I lost 1-3/8" around my hips
I lost 1" around my thigh (a new low)
I lost 3/8" around my calf
Total lost:  11"

I lost 9.2 pounds on the scale (lost 9 pounds of body fat and 0.2 pounds of lean mass).
I went down 4.1 percentage points on my body fat.
I went down 0.030 points on my waist-to-hip ratio.

I did not track my food this week.  As much as I am working, it's really hard to track, but I think I did pretty good.

This is my daily goal:

1539 calories
135g fat (79%)
54g protein (14%)
27g carbs (7%)

Here is my "body goal":

136 pounds scale weight
40.8 pounds body fat (30%)
95.2 pounds lean mass (70%)
11.75" neck
28.5" waist
38.5" hips
0.740 waist-to-hip ratio
To get there, I need to lose 3.7 pounds of body fat, gain 1.5 pounds of lean mass and lose 1/8" around my neck, 1-1/2" around my waist and 3/8" around my hips.


  1. Good going Rebecca. Is it bothering you to not track, measure yourself or weigh yourself? You are dong so well!

    1. Hi, Karen! It used to really bother me to not track, but I'm starting to get used to it and now I'm glad I don't have to!

  2. So glad you are still blogging and having success with the NK:-) . I finally decided to cut the dairy and have dropped 5 lbs in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed it keeps working. Actually, getting my weight to start moving down just before the holidays will probably help keep me on track. Such a good motivator.

  3. This may be a double post but here goes...I am glad you are still blogging and having so much success with the NK :-) . I finally got the scale down by 5 lbs the last 2 weeks by cutting out the little bit of dairy I was still eating.(Really like a full auto-immune proto call) Fingers crossed it keeps going down. It is good motivation to stay on track during the holidays season.
    Congratulations on your success!

  4. Hi Rebecca! Any new updates on your NK experiment? I'm doing great--below my goal weight and had a body fat test and I'm down to 23.5%. I'd love to hear how you're doing.


    1. Hi, Kristn! I'm so glad things are still going well for you! 23.5% is awesome! I'm still holding steady. I have lost a few pounds that I have been able to maintain, so I am happy about that!

  5. Rebecca - I checked out what you're eating and for breakfast are you just having olive oil and then about an hour or so later one egg yolk? if this is your food, I'm totally eating too much protein. I have been eating 2 eggs and bacon, from 1 to 4/5 strips, lunch is chicken, dinner is either steak, beef and or chicken or salmon. You look fantastic, but are you hungry, and is that little protein ok?

    1. Hi! I'm not sure where you got that I eat olive oil and one egg yolk for breakfast, because I do not do that. :)

      The amount of protein I shoot for is 54 grams. That is not too low of an amount for a person my size. I was eating around 100 grams of protein per day, but it was being turned to glucose and causing me to gain weight, so I cut back when I started Nutritional Ketosis. I am now pretty much at my goal weight, and no, I am not hungry.

      Thanks for commenting!

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  7. Found your blog when it was mentioned by Jimmy Moore. You did such a fantastic job of tracking everything. I recently started my own experiment and am on Day 42! I've only tracked fasting blood sugars, fasting ketones, and weight... but seeing how effective tracking your body circumference measurements can be.. I might have to copy you!

    hope you don't mind!

    1. I don't mind if you copy me, but keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for another person. But, all the best to you, and I hope you can tweak things to work for you in the best way! Keep up the good work!


  8. LCHF IS the way to go. If chocolate is in ones carb budget, try Ghiradelibaking unsweetened choc bar for those times, add Splenda is my preference, use your own choice or go commando w/o sweetener

  9. Hello,

    Anything new? My wife and I just watched Fathead on Amazon Prime Video. I hope he gets some good payment for that. I was most intrigued that I heard about it here, and that he put the extra stuff on youtube.

    I know this is the new media, and 3 network tv and cable "channel" will fade quickly with new generation kids.

    I first got into my non-starch diet by pure research by an IT security guy's netcast about his personal health views on a security for IT (and the public educational efforts of his knowledge) program on now.

    I had started with the "sugar blues" book in the early 80's and a vegan diet. Always hungry, and akways feeling fat.

    It as hard to keep my weight off, now on low carb eat anything "legal" I am almost slim and not hungry anymore, in a matter of weeks.

  10. Hi Rebecca - So glad you're still posting. Thanks for your response above. Can you outline for me a typical breakfast that you eat? I have stalled terribly with my weight. Can't lose anything. I just read the Atkins New you and figured I was eating way too much fat, so I'm going to start experimenting with lowering my fat, but after looking at your stats, I may not be eating enough!! This program is not so easy to get precise. I did read however that the dairy could be a problem...I used Heavy whipping cream in my coffee, and eat cheese when I'm hungry. I'm wondering if that could be the problem....
    so frustrating not to lose, when I haven't indulged any. Thank you for any guidance to can send my way.

    1. Hi again! If you look to the right and under "Labels", you will see "Daily Menus". You can look there to see just what I eat.

      I found that eating too much protein was my problem. That is why I started Nutritional Ketosis.

      How many grams of fat, protein and carbs are you eating on a normal day?