Monday, June 8, 2009


Since you are all so interested in testosterone and it's affect on "you know what" (and by "you know what", I mean "you know what!"), I am posted this excerpt from Natural Hormone Balance by Uzzi Reiss, M.D./OB.-GYN.:

Signs of testosterone deficiency:

1. Flabbiness and muscular weakness. The decrease of muscle tone is typically seen in sagging upper arms and cheeks. Women often tell me, "I dislike my flabby arms. What can I do about it?"

2. Loss of hair: "I thought only men lost their hair."

3. Lack of energy and stamina: "I drag through my aerobics class."

4. Loss of coordination and balance: "I seem to fall more frequently when I ski."

5. Loss of sense of security: "I don't feel safe."

6. Indecisiveness: "I just can't seem to make up my mind about anything."

7. Decreased sex drive: "I don't care."

8. Poor body image: "I don't like my body."

9. Decreased armpit, pubic and body hair: "What does it mean that I'm losing my hair?"

Here's how proper testosterone replacement reverses these situations and others:

1. Stamina: "My endurance is much greater."

2. Healthy and stronger muscles: "I have more strength in my arms."

3. Lean body mass and less body fat: "I like my new lean cut."

4. Stronger bones.

5. A feeling of security, positivity, and stablility: "I just feel safer."

6. Increased libido, orgasmic power, and enhanced emotional aspect of sexuality. "I feel like a college kid again."

7. Higher nitric oxide, a naturally occuring substance that helps keep blood vessels dilated.

8. Protection against plaque in the blood vessels.

9. Improved balance and hand-to-eye coordination: "I have more balance in my yoga class."

A final word: Obviously, some people might be tempted to abuse testosterone solely for enhancing physical pleasure. Testosterone is a serious hormone and should be used responsibly under careful medical supervision. Testosterone is an essential part of my health and antiaging programs. It's the third major addition, after estrogen and progesterone, for building up and strengthening a woman in all aspects of her daily life. The key is finding the right balance. Once you find it, you have a really remarkable tool at your disposal.

From Rebecca:

Some have asked if I notice any difference yet from my testosterone replacement. Yes, I do, and here's how:

I am losing weight and building muscle. If my new body composition scale can be trusted, in the past 15 days since I got it, I have lost 1.4 pounds of fat and gained 0.6 pounds of muscle. The flabbiness in my upper arms has gone down some, and I have gained 1/2 inch in my biceps. I can feel the muscle, even when I don't flex it!

My anxiety level has gone down. Generally speaking, I'm not anxious about things the way I used to be.

In the post above, under "decreased sex drive", the woman says, "I don't care." I used to say all the time that if I never had sex again for the rest of my life, I truly would not care! Does anyone else feel like that? Well, now I care. I feel myself becoming a sexual person again, having nice dreams and thinking about my husband in a more romantic way. He's very romantic, and I would just give him the brush off all the time!

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