Friday, May 13, 2016


                               Today is the end of Week 19.  In the past week, I have:

Rebecca in size 6 jeans on May 13, 2016
Lost 0.4 pounds on the scale
Gained 1 pound of body fat (est.)
Lost 1.4 pounds of lean mass (est.)
Gained 1/8" around my neck
Gained 5/8" around my waist
Gained 1/8" around my hips
Body fat from 30.3% to 31.1% (est.)
Lean mass from 69.7% to 68.9% (est.)
Feasted 6 days and fasted 1 day
Lifted weights 1 time
Did treadmill HIIT 1 time
Walked 3 miles 1 time

Since January 1, 2016, I have:

Lost 18.6 pounds on the scale
Lost 18.0 pounds of body fat (est.)
Lost 0.6 pounds of lean mass (est.)
Lost 1/2" around my neck
Lost  3 5/8" around my waist
Lost 3 3/8" around my hips
Body fat from 39% to 31.1% (est.)
Lean mass from 61% to 68.9% (est.)
Feasted 82 days and fasted 52 days
Lifted weights 5 times
Did treadmill HIIT 9 times
Walked 3 miles 5 times

Size 6 jeans, come to Mama!  Five and a half months ago, I was wearing a very tight size 12, and now I am wearing a properly fitting size 6.  It feels great!

I made a few charts to track my progress.  On the first chart, the grey line is my long term goal. The blue line is my actual weight.  The red line is my 7-day average. The second chart is a little heat map to show at a glance how often I have actually had to fast to achieve the results I am after. Click on any chart to enlarge it.

I have to admit that I broke my rules a few times this past week.  On Mothers Day, I was over my goal weight for the day, but I ate anyway because it was a holiday.  On Monday and Tuesday, I was over my goal weight for those days, but I was having a hard time mentally getting back in the swing of things.  I was back on track fasting on Wednesday, and have been following my rules since.

I did gain a little bit in inches, but I am not concerned.  Weight and inches naturally fluctuate up and down.  Improvements in body composition are never linear.  I'm looking forward to a good week!

Below is my chart for the Body By Science "Big Five".  It shows the exercises I am doing, along with the weight, reps and TUL, which stands for Time Under Load.

This is my chart for treadmill HIIT, which shows that I am now up to 6.6 mph during the running time.  I am going to keep pushing that up by 0.1 mph each time to see how fast I can go.  I will stop increasing the speed when I go flying off the treadmill! 

This is my chart for walking:

There are seven weeks remaining for this kindler, gentler challenge.  If I achieve my goal of 130 pounds with 25% body fat, I'm not sure where I will go from there.

This is a personal challenge just for me, but if anyone reading would like to join me, please talk to your doctor and make sure that it will not conflict with your current medical condition or medications.  If you are taking the challenge, please be sure to let me know how you are doing!  Thanks for reading!

To find out more about this challenge - the rules and how it started - click here.


  1. It is really interesting to me that you would have lost that much lean mass in one week's time - that would seem like a significant amount even if you weren't exercising.
    Congrats on the size 6!!! That's crazy when 10's were tight just a few weeks ago! YAY!!!! You are looking fab!! :-)
    (I laughed at the visual of you flying off the treadmill)

    1. The lean mass is only an estimate, and keep in mind that water is also part of lean mass. So, if I was retaining water last week, and not this week, that could easily account for it.

      I'm so happy with my size 6!

      Now and then, on funniest home videos, you will see some losing their footing and flying off the treadmill. Hopefully, that won't be me!

  2. Yay! You go! You're doing so great and are such an inspiration!