Sunday, October 27, 2013


Bill are is 69 years old and I am (almost) 58 years old. We eat high fat, including lots of heart-healthy saturated fat, sufficient protein and very low carb. We avoid eating artery-clogging whole grains and sugar.  Neither of us needs to take medication of any kind, we are normal weight, and disease free. We both had high blood sugar, but not any more. Medical professionals are amazed at us!
Today, we celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary.


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    1. Thank you, Matthew! And thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    I've been eating a similar way since May, in order to deal with joint pain. Have seen a fair amount of weight loss, even though I was doing it to reduce inflammation. Settled on a sort of Primal Blueprint approach (straight Paleo with Autoimmune Protocol tweaks part of the time, adding full-fat dairy two or three days a week which would make it more Primal in nature).

    Funny, I practiced every-other-day fasting when I was bulemic (years ago). The kind of intermittent fasting that seems to work best for me is eating within a 4-to-8-hour window out of every 24. As long as I keep my carbs under about 90g a day (also having eliminated grains, almost all sugar, and legumes), I never seem to have hunger or cravings.

    I imagine you feel a lot healthier, eating this way. I know I do.

  3. Um, can I just say that you have aged beautifully! WOW. Pretty lady!!

    1. Well, thank you, Cheri! That's very sweet of you to say!